GPOPS-II - Next-Generation Optimal Control Software

Purchasing GPOPS-II

      GPOPS-II is commercial software and is available by electronic download only (that is, no physical media will be shipped; the software must be electronically downloaded). Licenses for using GPOPS-II may be acquired via payment of the appropriate licensing fee (with the exception of use at the University of Florida or any State of Florida Government institution where licenses are available at no charge). The licensing fee depends upon your institutional affiliation. All licenses (first-time purchase or renewals) are valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Any updates made to the software during the licensing period are available at no charge and notifications of such updates will be provided by e-mail (along with a link to electronically download the upgrade). In order to receive notifications about updates to GPOPS-II, registration at is required. In addition, for those who would like to try GPOPS-II before making the decision to purchase it, full-featured 30-day trial licenses are available by registering at Please note that trial licenses are avaiable for only one 30-day period. All prices shown below are subject to change without notice and all purchases are non-refundable. If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a GPOPS-II license, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to
        (1) SINGLE-USER LICENSE: for use on a single computer by a single person (user). Single-user licenses may not be shared.
            (2) DEPARTMENT-WIDE LICENSE: for use via a single cost center within an institution with all users located at a single site (location).
                (3) INSTITUTION-WIDE LICENSE: for use by a any employee at a single institution within a single country.

                    (1) Your MATLAB license is obtained by typing "license" at the MATLAB command prompt.
                      (2) GPOPS-II licenses will not be generated for the following illegal MATLAB licenses: 161051, 161052, 724504, and 968398
                        (3) GPOPS-II licenses will only be sent to an institutional e-mail address. Licenses will not be sent to personal e-mail addresses (e.g., G-mail, Yahoo!).
                          (4) GPOPS-II licenses will not be generated for student versions of MATLAB unless the license is for classroom use.
                            (5) Any non-academic institution outside of the U.S. is considered a commercial institution and a commerical license must be purchased.

                            GPOPS-II U.S. Government License Options

                              Site License (First-Time): $5000.00

                              Site License (Renewal): $4500.00

                                GPOPS-II Academic License Options

                                  Single-User (First-Time): $165.00

                                  Single-User (Renewal): $150.00

                                  Department (First-Time): $825.00

                                  Department (Renewal): $750.00

                                  University (First-Time): $1650.00

                                  University (Renewal): $1500.00

                                    GPOPS-II Not-for-Profit License Options

                                      Single-User (First-Time): $1650.00

                                      Single-User (Renewal): $1500.00

                                      Department (First-Time): $8250.00

                                      Department (Renewal): $7500.00

                                      Institution (First-Time): $16500.00

                                      Institution (Renewal): $15000.00

                                        GPOPS-II Commercial License Options

                                          Single-User (First-Time): $5000.00

                                          Single-User (Renewal): $4500.00

                                          Department (First-Time): $25000.00

                                          Department (Renewal): $22500.00

                                          Company (First-Time): $50000.00

                                          Company (Renewal): $45000.00

                                            GPOPS-II Royalty-Free License for University of Florida and State of Florida Government

                                              GPOPS-II is available at no charge to all State of Florida employees, State of Florida Government institutions, or employees and students of the University of Florida. Acquiring GPOPS-II as a State of Florida Government employee or a University of Florida student or employee requires registration on the registration page found by clicking here. Upon successful completion of the registration (including verification of active State of Florida Government employment or University of Florida status), a link will be provided via e-mail to download the software.
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