Technical Support for GPOPS-II

No-Charge Technical Support for Academic Users

Technical support for general questions for GPOPS-II is available at no charge to members of the academic communities. Such support questions should be directed to We endeavor to answer all technical support questions within 24 hours of receipt of the request.

Technical Support Charges for Non-Academic Users

Technical support for all non-academic institutions (including those employed by not-for-profit institutions), regardless of the type of work that is being done at such an institution, requires a fee. The technical support fees for users at profit-making institutions are as follows:

  • Single Incident Support: $100.00
  • One Year Unimited Support: $3000.00
Payments for technical support are made via credit card using Google Checkout using the options below.


Technical Support Options

Once your payment has posted, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and can e-mail your support question to

Support for GPOPS-Classic

As of the release date of the first version of GPOPS-II, support for GPOPS-Classic (the software that was available between 2008 and 2012) is no longer available. Users should download GPOPS-II and convert all of their problem setups to the format required by GPOPS-II.

Image Courtesy of NASA.

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